About Defcon 435

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What is Defcon 435 or DC435

DC435 is a Defcon group of people in Cache Valley, UT who are passionate about information security. It is made up of students, professionals, researchers, and hobbyists that meet and discuss, learn, and interact with like minded people.

DC435 is always free and open to everyone regardless of skill, age, career, gender, etc.

If you want to present or request topics please email info(at)dc435(dot)org

The group is community-driven, and allows its members to be active so they can learn or teach about a subject they are passionate about.

How do I become a member?

Show up! Participate, interact, learn, teach etc. That's it, welcome to DC435


The mission of the DC435 group is to advance knowledge and educate anyone interested in science, technology, and other areas of information security through project collaborations, group gatherings, and group activities that will best serve our community.

Gathering Info?

DC435 meets every 1st Thursday of every month, unless it is a holiday or during a major/local security conference. If it is canceled it will be posted at dc435.org

Space will be open at 6:30 and meeting will kick off at 7:00pm.

We currently meet at Bridgerland Technical College campus located at 1301 N 600 W, Logan, UT 84321 - Room 840

A big thank you to btech.edu for donating the space for us to meet each month.


DC435 is completely free. Everything is donated. If you are interested in participating with time, money, or resources please email info(at)dc435(dot)org

Code of Conduct

We have NO TOLERANCE for physical/verbal/sexual harassment. If what they are doing would not be acceptable to have done to you, your best friend, your worst enemy, your sister, niece, daughter, brother, nephew, son, mother, father, or any human being, do not let them treat anyone else that way – whether you know them or not. If someone asks you to stop – stop.

We reserve the right to ask any individual to leave the gathering.

As our gathering place is donated, no illegal drug use or drinking is permitted.

Minors should be accompanied by their parent(s) or guardian(s).