Upcoming Gatherings

DC435 meets at 7:00pm every First Thursday of every month at Bridgerland Technology West Campus located at 1410 N 1000 W

Kick off meeting - Meet and Greet January 03, 2019

Cache Valley you now have your own information securirty group! Come learn about DC435

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Packet Capture Games by @EldonFebruary 07, 2019

Have you ever wanted to know what your ISP can see about you? What about your employer? Or someone else on your hotel wifi with you?

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Lorimer CTF by @zodiakMarch 07, 2019

Come learn how to hack. Even if you have never hacked a computer before now is your chance! Everyone will get their own lab environment and attack machine. We will walk you through the labs, explaining what we are doing along the way. For experienced pen testers, you can jump ahead to see how far you can get in the environment. Please bring a laptop with a remote desktop and/or ssh client…

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Credit card hacking by @blesstheinfosecApril 04, 2019

The US leads credit card fraud by an astronomical factor. Come learn why

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